issue 4: content

Editorial: Tereza Stehlíková

Boat: Novelist and playwright Gabriel Josipovici shares a short story based on his recent encounter in an Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

Notes on my Drawings: Artist and leading theorist of digital culture Lev Manovich returns to drawing after a 30 year pause and reflects on the drawings which he produced upon leaving the Soviet Union.

Sensing “Chapel Island”: Animation as a Process of Witnessing Place: Animator and scholar Pam Taylor Turner reveals how the process of animation helps her re-enchant a place and create a more profound relationship to it.

Bees of the Invisible – Awakening of a Place: Geologist, climatologist and philosopher Václav Cílek shares his understanding about the importance of reciprocity in our relationship with places.

Being a Forest: Choreographies of Empathy: Hiraezh, a collective of three artists and researchers, from the UK, Pakistan and Finland use artistic research to devise ways of embodying a place.

Herbarium. Flowers of Transhumanist Fantasies: Artist Adam Vačkář shares the story of his fascination with invasive plants and his subsequent artistic journey into the world of biology.

Attention Economy and Ecology through Animation Time-lapse in “The Green Planet”: Filmmaker & anthropologist Cathy Greenhalgh discusses how new technology applied to cinematic techniques enables us to gain new insights into the world of plants.

Nazaré Imersiva – Exploring Old and New Immersive Media to Create a Sense of Presence in Portuguese Seascapes: Scholar and researcher, professor Célia Quico immerses herself in a location of her family history and uses old and new technology to create a form of time travel.

Experiencing Past’s Future: Our Current Online Experiences and the Significance of Touch: Philosopher Carsten Friberg reminds us of the importance of touch and our bodies in communication and discusses the impact online interactions have on our social and personal world.

Poems for Ophelia: Poet and performer Amy Neilson Smith makes her offering of two poems in response to her experience of Ophelia, a woman exiled from the sensory world.

In-between: Artist and recent BA graduate Karel Komorous finds, through his photography, a visceral connection with a unique location in West Bohemia

I Dreamed of a Moth in the Ear of a Cat: Excavating the Visceral in the Films of Matt Hulse 1989-2022: Artist and award-winning filmmaker Matt Hulse dissects his rich body of cinematic work to reveal a visceral dimension.

The Poetics of Poetry Film: Artist and scholar Sarah Tremlett discusses her recent book in an interview with Tereza Stehlíková.

Places Sensed and Imagined: Artist and researcher Tereza Stehlíková explores poetic methods of engaging with a place through different senses as part of a practical workshop.

On the Benefits of the Blue Gym: Multisensory Well-being on/by the Water: Experimental psychologist professor Charles Spence (Oxford University) explains the reasons why lakes, seas and rivers have a powerful effect on our well-being.

Cover image: Sobia Zaidi, Huelgoat Forest, France 2021, photograph by Grace Gelder (Hiraezh Collective)

Cover design: Jon Wozencroft