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Editorial by Tereza Stehlíková

Tell me about Monday to Thursday
A poem for a friend who is feeling blue…by British writer Deborah Levy

Interview with William Kentridge 
South African artist William Kentridge discusses elements of his life and work during lockdown, shares thoughts on virtualisation of our experience and his dislike for Zoom, the virtues of embodied practice, the questions of uncertainty and reflections on “embracing and resisting the algorithm” in his current artistic endeavours.

Changing course…with sense
Experience designer and entrepreneur Kim Arazi shares her creative solutions to translating her multi-sensory dining experience events into a series of Virtual Tables.

Food and the Pleasure Experience
Artist Kaye Winwood muses on the sensory and sensual qualities of food which she uses in her performances and shares with us a unique performance menu for self-pleasure.

Food is art because of the way it looks
Cognitive scientist and philosopher Professor Ophelia Deroy discusses our age long human need to arrange our dishes into aesthetically pleasing visual compositions, transforming them into works of art.

What’s in a Raspberry
Professor of literature Geneviève Sicotte conjures up in words and image the multi-sensory universe that is contained within a single berry, one of the selected specimen inside her intimate food museum. Take a glimpse and be transported…

Tactile poems
Artist Jan Švankmajer’s “tactile scripts” from his most recent dystopian novel.

Beards: the grain of the face
Writer and artist Krzysztof Fijałkowski muses on the idea of facial hair as an extension of the self, the threshold on which physiognomy turns to fantasy.

AUTO-BIO-GRAPHIK: Misreading the body in Jeff Keen
Poet and filmmaker David Spittle’s creative essay on the pioneer of experimental film Jeoff Keen and the body.

Jan Švankmajer: Master of reconciling opposites
Philosopher Vlad Vexler distils the essence of three short films by Jan Švankmajer’s.

Being (T)here: Lockdown exchange
Artists Alexa Wright and Tereza Stehlíková exchange daily messages and images, sharing their personal experience of the first London lockdown.

That Winged Thing
Czech geologist and philosopher Václav Cílek reflects on our need for greater psychological resilience, the difference between masculine and feminine qualities, between the meaning of abolition and clemency, the psychological benefits of gratitude and the power of hope in determining the survival of not only single nations but also our civilisation.

Tidal Life
Artist and filmmaker Chiara Ambrosio searches for frequencies of life along the margins of the river, in her pursuit to act against erasure, to capture and document the stories that are soon to be gone.

The Serious Business of Designing for Creative Thinking
Environmental psychologist Sally Augustin gives an overview of how spaces support creativity and gives helpful tips on how we can arrange our working environment to be more inspiring.

Cover image by Tereza Stehlikova, typography by Jon Wozencroft