We are open to submissions for the 3rd issue of TT journal.

The theme remains broadly centred on the role of the senses in making sense of our world and our place in it. By extension this also includes the impact of the pandemic on this relationship and the growing role of technology in mediating our everyday encounters. What is being gained and what is being lost? How can we creatively counter-balance this ongoing tendency by harnessing our embodied knowledge and our imagination?

The forms for expressing this can be varied: we are open to essays, subjective reflections, academic articles, interviews, but also audio-visual material, such as moving image, animation and podcasts, as well as all things in-between.

The deadline for submissions is 16th August 2021.

If you are interested in submitting, please get in touch, to discuss your idea or share your proposal ahead of the deadline. Email: Tereza Stehlikova