The upcoming 6th issue is focused on theme of PLAY.

We are interested in play as an activity that is not goal oriented, a pursuit that is about the process rather than the end result, play as an exploration of imagined scenarios, alternative outcomes, about being in the moment, being immersed, through all the senses. At a time when much of education and work life is being streamlined and focused on the final product and productivity, we want to proclaim the beauty and joy of the seemingly futile, the apparently unnecessary, the seriously ludicrous, the unapologetically far fetched, the deeply curious… We want to rejoice in the long and impractical way round as opposed to the shortcut because we believe that it is the detour that can reveal unexpected vistas or secret openings.

We want to celebrate play in connection to our human imagination. At a historical moment when AI appears if not to threaten then at least question this most wonderful human capacity, we want draw attention to the creative process itself, its function and its purpose, a form of making sense and nonsense.

The plan is to use the reflective space of this online platform to draw attention to possible ways of protecting the now endangered wild parts of the imagination as an ecological project.

Other related topics beyond play and imagination are provisionality, contingency, creative process, childhood, alternative models of education, toys and props to instigate play, instruction manuals, games, and of course questions relating to the role of technology, digital realms, materiality, embodiment and our senses.

To get a better sense of the varied tone of our contributions, you can visit the 4 issues here:

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Featured image: Summer Rituals (2013), by Tereza Stehlikova