Sensory Sites is an international collective of artists based in the UK, committed to creating multi-sensory, site-specific installations that heighten people‚Äôs sensory responses by appealing to all the senses, especially touch and proprioception.

Tereza Stehlikova’s artist blog

The Center for the Study of the Senses

The Centre for Sensory Studies is an interdisciplinary collaboration platform for research in the social life and history of the senses, multisensory aesthetics, sensory design and marketing, and the development of technologies for expanding the sensorium in innovative ways.

(Dis)Embodied Perception of the Self and Other – Interdisciplinary Perspectives from Science & Arts—interdisciplinary-perspectives-from-science-arts

Cross Modal Research Laboratory (Charles Spence)

Open Senses Festival, London

The Institute of Making is a multidisciplinary research club for those interested in the made world: from makers of molecules to makers of buildings, synthetic skin to spacecraft, soup to diamonds, socks to cities. Membership of and day-to-day access to the Institute is available to all UCL staff and students

TT Journal partners:

TT journal is in partnership with The Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space (PQ) (the biggest festival of its kind in the world.

“In partnership with several international online open-source publications, PQ is creating a knowledge exchange platform that will be a space for sharing essential findings and ideas and an open dialogue connecting practice, research, and theory.”


Sense of Place podcast: podcasts drawing on a range of personal tales and thoughts from guests alongside more in-depth interviews about particular practices that focus on understanding sense of place.