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Editorial #5

Adrift in the Sea of Stories and How to Come Back to our Senses
Philosopher Noga Arikha and developmental psychologist Maya Gratier highlight the significance of our sensory experience in contributing to the narrative that gives us our sense of self.

Gender Playfulness
Audio-visual artist Michal Klodner shares a personal reflection on the fluidity of our gender roles, while reminding us of the biological as well as cultural aspects of desire and its harnessing by the merciless machinery of our consumer society.

Thinking Dwelling: The House as Voyage
Harvard professor in visual arts, architecture and media, Giuliana Bruno, explores the fluidity of the domestic, lived, feminine spaces, while examining the works of a selected number of artists.

Absent Interiors
Artist Becka McFadden recalls the significant houses that helped to shape her life’s narrative, while exploring, through performance script (shared here in text and also spoken word), the sense of absence their inaccessibility left in her.

From Space to Place: Existential Meaning in Architecture
Architect and scholar Juhani Palllasmaa examines our existential relationship to place and space, while pointing out the interconnection between our biology and the architectural structures we design which in turn shapes our experience and psychology.

House Works: A Trilogy of Films by Emily Richardson
Artist filmmaker Emily Richardson discusses her trilogy of films, each focused on a unique house, while drawing attention to the way film brings architectural structures to life, faithful to their lived, embodied dimension.

Black Zero: Into the Underground of Home Viewing
Writer and filmmaker David Spittle shares his enthusiasm for the unique body of work by Canadian avant-garde filmmaker Stephen Broomer as well as his his new platform Black Zero, specializing in Blu-ray Disc releases of Canadian experimental films from the 1960s onward

An Immigrants Biscuit Tin
Artist and researcher Susan Ribeiro shares with us her project, exploring the immigrant identity through a collection of documents and photographs, which her Iberian mother gathered over the years in empty biscuit tins, creating thus a unique family archive.

The World’s Mine Oyster
Writer Lee Nash and her mother, artist Clare Avery join forces through a collaborative art project, combining haiku and acrylic hand painted collage, while discovering the positive energies released by their creative dialogue.

Drawing to Connect
Artist Florence Mein and her mother Joy, also an artist, use the process of drawing and talking about it, to find shared meaning beneath the challenging reality of their everyday lives, affected by Joy’s atypical Alzheimer’s disease.

A day with my Father, A Day with my Son
Artist Dryden Goodwin, known for his drawing practice, shares with us some of his sketches from a day spent with his father, and a day spent with his son, while reflecting on the process of drawing and its ability to reveal family relationships, resemblances and biological bonds.

10 Years of 4 Generations of Women
Artist Tereza Stehlikova presents three short films from her film series 4 Generations of Women, an ongoing project which captures some of the shared moments between five women within her own living female line, stretching from 1925 to the present day.

Cover image: Tereza Stehlikova 2022
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