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Editorial: Tereza Stehlíková

THE MULTI-SENSORY REALITY- integrating the existential experience: Finnish architect, designer, writer Juhanni Pallasmaa explores the notion of the existential sense, as the complex merging of various sense impressions, at a point where our inner worlds and external realities meet.

Authentic Stillness: Roaming thoughts of a movement without displacement: Dancer, choreographer and dance researcher Katja Vaghi based in Berlin explores the notion of stillness created by the sudden cessation of usual activities during the pandemic.

Emotional Body: London based painter Michael Broughton gives a glimpse into the interior workings of his artistic experience, inspiration, apprehension.

From sharing experiences to sharing a world: Why joint attention needs more than vision: Doctoral philosopher and cognitive scientist Lucas Battich based in Munich explains how our experience of shared reality is built through a join attention, where all our senses play an important role.

Letter to Ophelia: Associate Professor of Aesthetics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Sylvia Borissova writes a letter to Ophelia (a woman trapped inside a screen) to share with her a peculiar dream.

Scent in the Time of Anosmia: Artisan perfumer Sarah McCartney, based in London, muses on the virtues of synthetic scents in a world where ‘natural’ often means exploitation of nature and humans.

Rethinking Congenital Synaesthesia: Moscow-based researcher Anton Dorso interviews sensory anthropologist David Howes (Montreal), the leading voice in anthropology of the senses, on congenital synaesthesia and its “cultural settings”. The article also includes insights from a president of the International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists, Sean A. Day.

Film and new food rituals in the time of COVID-19: Scholar David Sutton from Southern Illinois University, author of Remembrance of Repasts: An Anthropology of Food and Memory, comments on a short film Self-Isolation Dinner, 2020.

The Lost Supper: UK based designer and artist Mona Camille and performer and musician Olivier Van Den Hende share a collaborative video piece responding to the experience of lockdown, inspired by Da Vinci’s fresco of the Last Supper.

Bird Eyes View: Writer, director and producer Phil Gomm talks about his latest initiative Kick-About, while drawing attention to the transformative, transportive power of creativity, of making directly, of doing quickly, and the value of community.  

Like Dadima Like Smriti: Video artist Smriti Mehra, originally from Bangalore, shares a film project about loss, letting go and preserving memory, as captured in her encounters with her late grandparents’ belongings.

The Story of Vojtěch and Irena Havel: Czech music writer and festival curator Pavel Klusák shares with us the story of Irena and Vojtěch Havel, Prague musical duo whose work is influenced by the ancient city as much as the unique Central European instrument they play: the baroque viola da gamba.

Visceral Spaces: Artist and writer Tereza Stehlíková describes the genius loci of Holešovická tržnice, a Prague location with a unique history, which will become the stage of the upcoming 2023 Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space.

The Museum of Pictorial Culture: Leading theorist of digital culture worldwide Lev Manovich together with a researcher Julian Sunley discuss innovative museum concepts developed by some of the most important Russian avant-garde artists and point out their relevance to recent museum experiments in presenting their collections online using visualisation methods.

Mouth Mirror: Writer and artist Krzysztof Fijałkowski muses on the unique strategies of inspection which this small object inspires.

Cover design Jon Wozencroft