Sense, Place & Imagination: online course


SATURDAY sessions, 30th April 2022 – 21st May, 9.30 am – 11.00 am GMT


SUNDAY sessions, 1st May – 22nd May, 5 pm – 6.30 pm GMT

Where: ZOOM

This workshop is aimed at artists, researchers, thinkers, makers, people who are curious to find a new way of relating to their everyday environment, exploring their surroundings with all their senses and finding inspiration and grounding for their work and life in general. It can also offer useful tools to those of you interested in developing their own creative research methodologies.

The online workshop consists of four sessions over four-week period, with each session being minimum 1.5 hours long. The group will be small (5 participants max), to ensure maximum focus on each participant.

Each session will be framed by a short presentation introducing the weeks’ themes and questions and providing useful background and references, including relevant bibliography.

You will be set practical homework which will be used as the starting point for discussion, reflection and feedback from all participants. It is also possible to shape some of aspects of the workshop around participants’ existing concerns.

The themes of the course include:

Natural / urban environments & architectural / emotional spaces

Mental morphology & embodied memory

Role of imagination & our senses in “making sense”

Emotional mapping & subjective narratives

Secret life of objects & stories they tell


The cost of the course is £170 paid by bank transfer.

All participants are also offered a chance of book discounted one-to-one online sessions (1 hour) at £50, available by arrangement at any point throughout the course or beyond it. This can be useful for personal feedback and guidance with your own creative projects.

The workshop runs under the umbrella of Tangible Territory Journal, which also includes the Sensing Place artist residency planned for summer 2022 in South Bohemia.

Further enquiries and to book your place please email: Dr Tereza Stehlikova

About Dr Tereza Stehlikova:

I am a British/Czech artist, researcher and lecturer, with over 15 years teaching experience, which spans BA, MA as well as PhD levels and number of areas (arts, design, media). I am currently head of Visual Arts Department at University of Creative Communication in Prague, where I also run Making Sense Lab. I hold a PhD from the Royal College of Art, where I researched the tactile language of moving image. In the past I have been a senior lecturer at University of Westminster, as well as a PhD supervisor at the RCA. I am engaged in a cross-disciplinary research, investigating how moving image can be used to communicate embodied experience, by exploring multi-sensory aesthetics and embodiment. I am a founder of Sensory Sites, an international collective based in London, generating collaborative exhibitions, installations and research projects that explore multi-sensory perception and bodily experience. I am also the founder and editor of an online arts journal Tangible Territory, featuring essays and articles by established artists/authors from the world of arts, science, philosophy, all centred around the role our senses play in creating meaning in art and life. My research projects and sensory workshops can be found here:

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