OPEN CALL: Sense of Time

We are open to submissions for the 7th issue of TT journal.

The theme is SENSE OF TIME.

The year 2023 is coming to an end and a new one is about to begin and perhaps this is a good moment to consider the theme of time.

The ancient Greeks divided time into Chronos, a sequential or quantitative time and Kairos, a qualitative time.  As Jenny Odell, the author of Saving TimeDiscovering a Time Beyond the Clock tells us, in our current Western world, we are under the spell of forward propelling Chronos. Here time equates money and as such it is measured and sold. But Kairos” Odell writes “means something more like ‘crisis’” and it is marked by a feeling of uncertainty but also hope. It is the time in which change—transformation—becomes possible. For Odell Kairos is our chance of escape from the relentless machinery, an opportunity for reclaiming a qualitative time.

For me Kairos also evokes the idea of vertical time, a term coined by filmmaker Maya Deren. Deren uses it to describe a form of poetic enquiry, which illuminates the experience of a present moment, from a qualitative, subjective perspective and which stands in contrast to the horizontal time of narrative development.

“I can see my life time piling up, reaching from my bedroom to the stars” sing The Talking Heads, in their vertigo inducing lyrics, which often haunt me. A vertical time materialised.

What does time mean to us, embodied creatures, whose time is limited, with obsolescence built into our mortal frame? How does time feel to us subjectively, emotionally, somatically? How does it manifest in our bodies? What does experience mean and how it relates to memory and our sense of self? What about the process of ageing? What of the rhythms and patterns that govern our lives: returning seasons, circadian rhythms and the rituals we have to mark these moments of cyclical returns? What does it mean to live in the presence and how does this relate to vertical time and poetry?

We look for contributions that reflect on some of these (and related themes) creatively, philosophically, poetically, scientifically…

The form which your submission can take is open: we welcome essays, subjective reflections, academic articles, scientific papers, interviews, but also audio-visual material, such as moving image, animation and podcasts, as well as all things in-between.

If you are interested in submitting, please get in touch, to discuss your idea or share your proposal.

Tereza Stehlíková


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Featured image: Old Linden Tree (planted in 13th century), Kamenice nad Lipou, by Tereza Stehlikova

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